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Anna Pogulyaeva

 Conditioning - Stretch / Ballet / Pointe / Character

Junion - Elementary - Intermediate - Senior Divisions


Born in Gorlovka, Ukraine Anna began dancing at the age of six. Her passion and talented were immediately recognized by her teacher who sent her to audition for the Professional Ballet School of Vadim Pisarev, Vaganova Method in Donetsk, Ukraine. Anna was accepted and began her training in the Professional Ballet School which leads directly into National Ballet Company of Ukraine, Donetsk.

Pogulyaeva’s natural talent landed her leading roles in ballets in the Professional Ballet School’s productions throughout her training. While at the school Anna have the incredible privilege of studying under teachers who are decorated by the country with honours and awards for dance namely Galina Volodina awarded the “Honoured Ballet Teacher of Ukraine” and El’vira Rikova “Honoured Ballet Dancer of Ukraine”.
Anna was hand picked while still in training to dance with the National Ballet Company of Ukraine, Donetsk an honour rarely given to a student. While with the company she had the privilege of working with Ukraine’s finest talent in productions and tours.
Pogulyaeva’s graduated from the prestigious school in June 2010 with Honours.
In September 2010 Anna moved to Canada to pursue her professional career.
Joining Cadence Bridges Ballet in February 2012 , Anna was promoted to Cadence Progressive Contemporary Ballet in June 2012. Pogulyaeva was able to dance with the company while attending school and has recently graduated from George Brown College Dance Performance Studies with Honours and Dean's Medal.
In 2014 Anna was invited to join the faculty of The School of Cadence Ballet where she continues to teach the Vaganova method.